A New Website Deserves a New Blog

I've never been very good at blogging and I'm okay with it. I much prefer getting creative in the studio and enjoying meaningful connections with friends and family, as opposed to sitting in front of my computer - - but I'm sporting a pretty, new website, and it seems I need to break open my privacy shell just a bit. 

a collection of shells from my sketchbook

Actually, that's a great segway to this conversation. Frequently I hear people tell me I'm 'so private'. Let's lay it out. I'm actually quite comfortable as an extrovert; I LOVE meeting new people, I can work a room of strangers and will have so much fun doing it, and I've been known to frequently bring magical people together. Pure happiness. But where I fail is I'm an extrovert who does not like to be the center of attention. Examples... As a young girl I never dreamed about or planned my wedding day - - ever. In fact I hated being a bride, yep, hated all of it, trying on dresses, bridal showers, photos, etc, (not the love and generosity that people shared, but the fact that I was put in the limelight), I'm bashful when it comes to birthdays and much prefer to ride under the radar (but as most people know I LOVE to shower friends with love for theirs), I'm shy when it comes to receiving compliments, and SO fearful of public speaking of any kind to include sharing information in a meeting even when I know everyone (go figure, right?). And honestly, I don't have any secrets, I feel like I'm an open book when asked - - but to freely chime in and share, it's just not my jam. Now that's not to say I don't have opinions and that I don't like to get on my mother's soapbox fighting her good fight, (hah! she'd love that.) - - but that's a different topic for another blog post I'm sure.

I'm feeling a little nervous about putting my heart out there, but I've set some big creative goals and it's time to launch this baby (new website, new blog) - - it feels scary and perfect all at the same time. And...It's forcing me to share without being asked. (yikes) Thanks. It's really good to have you here.

xoxo ~ much love, cath.