Do YOU believe in magic ?!

So often we all choose a 'word' for the year. Something that has a thoughtful meaning, lends some guidance, or creates a vision for the year and for the future. This year my word found ME.

Transformation! How incredibly appropriate, as I have laid out some transformative dreams and goals for 2016, which all require dedication, hard work (and maybe just a little magic.)        -------------

Every morning in my house we pick a Buddha Card. This awakening, morning ritual is also entertained by my pup Jetson. I taught him (with cookies of course) that he too could pick a Buddha Card in the morning, providing him with an enlightened connection of what the universe had in store for him and what he should be mindful of for the day. (*wink ) I know it's all about the cookies, but I just adore how he lovingly humors me with this morning ritual.

Our family routine was no different on New Years day, however I announced to Coop and Jetson that we should select our Buddha Cards with care, as this card was similar to a tarot reading - a draw so important, this card was very influential, one filled with magic, setting your course, and guiding you for the YEAR. I believe in magic, and a little pixie dust... And I knew the universe was listening when I pulled my 2016 guiding card, 'Transformation'. 

sharing sprinkles of sparkly, golden glitter 

xo, cath