I'm Hosting a Giveaway!


It's a St. Patrick's Day GiveAway! Lucky YOU! 

This Giveaway is Closed / Congrats to the Winner, Gloria Gosselin
8"x8"   Acrylic on wood panel

8"x8"   Acrylic on wood panel

It's super easy - just add your name and email address above. When you're done, please let me know you signed up in the comments section of my Instagram account. Jump onto Instagram and follow me if you don't all ready - you can easily do that here. Also, tag a friend who might like to participate in my 'Lucky You Giveaway' -  totally optional. 

The Giveaway will be open for entries from Saturday, March 17th - Monday, March 20th/10am MST. The Winner will be announced in the comment section of the giveway post on my Instagram account. 

SLAINTE *  and Lots of Luck! xo Cath.