Bringing Art To Life - - Your Life

Art has an amazing way of connecting us. It unites all of us from different backgrounds and from all over the world. It has a way of shifting something inside you when you visit that empowering exhibit at the art museum, or step into a hip gallery. Think about the excitement you feel when you spot a colorful mural down the street, or when you stroll your favorite art festival. It changes neighborhoods. It changes YOU.

Traveling to new places, experiencing other cultures, their art, their traditions… It fills you up. It brings us together. It inspires us to be our best selves.  

Awesome, right? Pass it on!

I’m Catherine Pistone, a Colorado based artist

I believe in feeling inspired and sharing happiness – by creating art I invite you to participate

I want to make sure you live your best life; one where colorful art surrounds you on a daily basis. My art is a celebration of color, an outward expression of emotion – it’s happy, it’s approachable.  

I’m a colorful abstract/figurative painter and muralist currently craving the next oversized painting. I love to paint BIG! - colorful murals that lift you up and enhance your community, bold canvases that grace the walls of trendy restaurants, and happy works of art that elevate the good feelings in your home.




A self-proclaimed art and design magazine junkie, I am also an enthusiastic cook, sangria maker, and Toll-House cookie baker, who enjoys hiking with my hubby and dog Jetson, toodling around town in Lily, my vintage VW, gathering with friends and family, and staying connected to the creative community.


Located just off Pearl Street, my studio is in the heart of historic downtown Boulder, Colorado, where I run a busy (and often messy) space. Murals in both Denver and Boulder, I also exhibit my work from my studio and throughout the Boulder/Denver area. My paintings can be found in the homes of some really lovely clients, who I am now pleased to call friends.

Thank you  

I cannot do what I love without YOU !