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Wonderland Mural, 500sf fence located at the Wonderland Trailhead, 3726 Wonderland Ave l Boulder, CO


Wonderland Mural

500sf painterly fence with playful botanical images reminiscent of the Colorado open space trails of the Wonderland Lake Trailhead just across the street.

Meet the lovely Fiona Martin (and Marley below), the owner of this fence, and the homeowner who selected my work from a panel of artists that had been juried into the program. Lucky me! We had so much fun.

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This mural is part of the City of Boulders, Creative Neighborhoods program, organized by the Boulder Arts & Culture dept. The Creative Neighborhoods Mural Program was launched to support new artwork around Boulder. Homeowners and artists are partnered to create public art that will liven up the community, painting murals on homes, garages, and fences that can be seen in popular places.